“Xunantunich”(shoe-nan-too-nich)The name of the site combines two yucatecan maya words.the site was occupied 1000 BC and abandoned 1000 AD.it is the second highest temple in Belize,130ft high(600ft above sea level). The beauty of Xunantunich is that you can still see the original walls and steps build by the ancient mayas..It is only approximately 45 mins from ceiba jungle camp belize.

A Little Bit on who we are

Ceiba Jungle Camp is going to be the greatest camping/relaxing spot in all of Cayo. Ceiba Jungle Camp is a good sized chunk of property, devoted to having an good time, being with nature and being with friends. The couple that runs it is still in the States getting ready to come down make it their home. They have enlisted the help of some Belizean friends to make sure everything runs smoothly until they get back down. This site and blog will be following the development of Ceiba Jungle Camp and will also be one of the places to contact the folks down here if you need anything. Everyone is quite happy that this project is on it’s way and soon it will be shared with the world.